Predictive Analytics Training For Project Management System

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Start Date Start Date: 2018-01-18
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Conference Description:

Predictive analytics can help organizations gain better insight on the trends and preferences of their targeted customers that results in better and more targeted lead generation. Attend our upcoming webinar to better understand predictive analytics and learn techniques for better assessment of your project.

We can’t guarantee that you will have ESP after attending this webinar but what we will do is this:

We will take a close look at the major components that contribute to project success or failure:
• Understanding the business objectives
a) Is the organization able to clearly identify the business objective(s)

b) Have they been able to parlay those objectives effectively to the team?
• Project complexity

a) Describing project complexity in itself can be a complex thing

b) How many interdependent things are there on the project

c) How often has this been done before

d) The number of requirements and number stakeholders issuing requirements add to complexity
• Risk
a) The number of risks

b) The risk quantification
• The project team’s make up and morale
a) How experienced is your team?

b) Is the corporate atmosphere such that they can help prevent their own failures or is it a totally autocratic environment?
• Process inspection and improvement
a) Rather than waiting until the end of the project it is often better to constantly inspect the process and work on improvement initiatives prior to project end.

b) Again, looking at the team, do they have ability to initiate their own process improvements?
• On time and under budget does not necessarily equate to project success.

How to analyze/predict project success from a somewhat subjective point of view.

Speaker Profile
Buddy Peacock has been in the IT industry for over 30 years and owned his own software development company for 20 years. He has managed some very large IT projects and has been a proponent of Agile development since before the Agile manifesto was written. He has a passion for teaching and that has been his main stay since selling his company. He was a co-author of the SBOK.

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