Master in Cyber Security

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Start Date Start Date: 2018-03-20

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Contact Person Contact Person: Sonja Boelhouwer
Email Email: [email protected]
Address Address: Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection – mode of study
The Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection program consists of 4 courses, spanning 2 months per course. Each course consists of 9 evening classes (or webinars) that will take place in Amsterdam/Leiden (Netherlands). The Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection is a stand-alone part of the international Master in Cyber Security and can also be studied via e-learning.

Cyber Security-Threat Detection – what will you learn?
Protecting the security and integrity of data is becoming ever more vital for businesses and organizations worldwide. As a graduate of the Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection program, you will have an understanding of the Cyber Security infrastructure as well as the laws and policies dealing with cyber crime. You will examine various methods that are used to threaten cyber systems. As a successful graduate you are able to effectively propose solutions to securing cyber networks and to ensure the online security of your company.

Cyber Security-Threat Detection – protect your interests and secure your future
The Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection focuses on the knowledge and tools necessary to address the increasing demand on corporate and governmental organizations to improve the security of their cyber content. The Certificate provides an understanding of current Cyber Security threats, the phraseology and terminology used, as well as the various roles, responsibilities and tools related to the detection of cyber threats.

Cyber Security-Threat Detection – target group
The Certificate is targeted at those who want to secure their enterprise and their future - whether you are working as a professional in the public or private sector. When you are an IT Manager, security specialist, technology manager or policy maker, this is the Certificate course for you to protect the security and integrity of the data of your company.

Who should you contact for more information?
Please contact Sonja Boelhouwer MSc for more information at +31 (0)40 246 0220 or send her an e-mail ([email protected]).
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